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Anything is possible with our innovative polymer clay products. Add a personal touch to all your special crafting projects, from one of a kind jewelry designs to beautiful home décor items, we have everything you need!

Find the Ideal Clay Line for Your Next Project!

For over 50 years Sculpey has been the world’s premium oven-bake clay. Sculpey’s innovative clay offerings include brands to satisfy all different crafting needs and skill levels. Our non-toxic oven bake clays are easy to shape, have brilliant color offerings, hold detail and are extremely durable once baked. Our innovative tools and accessories allow for maximum creativity and help you easily create lasting memories. It is easy to see why the Sculpey brand is synonymous with high quality, innovation and superior results.

Sculpey is your source for innovative products,
education and inspiration!

Using Our Clay

Whether it’s mixed media, beadwork, sculpting, or home decor clay allows us to express our imaginations through our hands — and the medium that allows the most possibilities is polymer oven bake clay. Here’s why:

  • It’s Easy-Unlike other forms of clay that crack, dry out or need to be constantly reinforced with water and recycled with a machine, polymer clay is flexible, workable and soft until you decide to bake it in your home oven.
  • It’s Versatile- Are you a jewelry-maker? A sculptor? Or a lover of crafts? Polymer clay is perfect for you — because it’s perfect for every project!
  • It’s for Everyone-Whether you’re a seasoned clayer, an eager beginner or a lover of crafting with kids, polymer clay is a great choice for creativity.
Buy Polymer Clay Online

With high-quality, flexible materials in innovative brands like Sculpey® III, Premo®, Sculpey® Soufflé and Super Sculpey® for sculpting, we’re the best place to purchase polymer clay online. Begin your journey of creative discovery today by gathering the materials that make it possible!

Explore your creativity! Join Sculpey University for exclusive tutorials and technique videos. With beginner - advanced videos we have something for all skill levels!

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