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Model Air Dry Clay 

If you’re looking to create crafty home décor, kids’ projects, jewelry or fun figurines with clay but don’t have access to an oven. No problem! We also offer two types of air dry clays for your crafting needs.  

Use our smooth, pliable, lightweight Model Air Dry clay for kids’ crafts, home décor and jewelry projects. Once dry, it’s hard, durable and can be drilled, carved, sanded or painted for extra flair.

Our Model Air Dry Porcelain Clay is another stunning option that’s ideal for creating realistic figurines, flowers and fancy jewelry. Add extra color by kneading oil paint into the clay and enjoy the dazzling translucent finish that will remind you of porcelain when dry. Explore all our products and project ideas for more inspiration.


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  • Easy to smooth, lightweight and durable Exceptional pliability  Ideal for kid, craft and jewelry project!  Can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with acrylic based paints! Air Dries Hard and Durable once completely dry 2.2lb (1 kg)