Introducing the 2016 -2017 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg – Rachel Hinderliter – Anke Humpert – Sherri Kellberg – Patti Kimle – Lee Kellogg – Miranda Farrand – Nadia Michaux – Katie Oskin – Shirley Rufener – Teresa Salgado – Ruth Steiner.

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.


Every Month is Craft Month at my House by: Jenny Bezingue

I love it when National Craft Month rolls around each March. It’s always a good excuse to get fellow crafters together for a few hours of clay, knitting, or the crafting flavor-of-the-month. Can you say felted bracelets, paper-covered boxes or clay-filled pendants? So many new things to try, so many favorites things to dive into

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New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Turnip

I’ve discovered that many of you don’t realize that you can actually mix Souffle and premo! together – often with some spectacular results! Want a velvet texture to your clay? Mix Souffle and premo!  Want a color palette that is entirely different? Mix Souffle and premo! Now I already have my favorite premo! Accents Bronze

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What is your favorite tool? By Jenny Bezingue

When asked, “What is your favorite tool?” many clayers answer “my hands” or “my creative mind.” Not me. My answer is “rulers.” I collect them in all shapes, sizes and materials. Of course, they’re great for measuring and as a straightedge for cutting. But my favorite use is in color mixing. I make sheets on

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New Color Tuesday! Fade to Black Pt 4

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I managed to keep these mixes until the end – usually I would blather them right at the front of the month because I am so excited about them! This week I’ve mixed premo! Black into the premo! Accents Glitter Golds.  And they are gorgeous!  I’ve already got another

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New Color Tuesday – Fade to Black Pt 3

I am not big on cool colors, but I DO see the need for them, so this week I’m presenting you with two cool color mixes: First up, premo! Cobalt Blue and premo! Black.  Okay, I can’t pick a favorite – I find all four of these mixes to be much more interesting than just the

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New Color Tuesday – Fade to Black Pt 2

Wow!  Premo! Black and premo! Orange make some really nice er, warm greys? Browns?  Whatever you want to call them, I like them and can envision them as a really nice, rich background for a gold silkscreen, possibly in a home decor situation with lots of reclaimed wood around it.  I also really like the

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Valentine’s Day with Clay

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays for creating fun projects.  Here are THREE easy peasy ones that you can do with Bake Shop clay and use for decor or card giving.  I think that hand made items are always meaningful but even more so for this season of love.  Bake Shop clay is

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New Color Tuesday-Fade to Black

I got so carried away mixing for this month that I added 3 extra weeks to February.  Relax! I couldn’t afford 3 extra weeks in the month either so I decided to double up some of the palettes. I’m starting with one of my favorite black mixes: premo! Black and premo!  Cadmium Yellow Hue (commonly called

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New Color Tuesday- It’s All About the Greens Pt 5

Well, here we are at the END OF JANUARY 2017!  Wasn’t it just January 2016?  I’m trying desperately to find time to get out to my clay table sometime this week – and I’m “retired”.  Let me tell you right now, retirement is NOT all about lounging and reading magazines – it’s about cleaning, de-cluttering,

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New Color Tuesday- It’s All About the Green Pt 4

I’m the first to admit that I’m all about the bright, bold colors, but I occasionally go for a softer color.  So this week, I decided to team the premo! Green with premo! Ecru for a series of soft, warm greens.  I love the 1:1 mix and the 2E/1G mix a lot.  Both are colors

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New Year’s Memory Jar

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make new plans and create a bigger and more amazing vision for life.  This New Year’s Memory Jar is a perfect way to document the memories throughout the year that you most want to remember.  It is fun to create and has such a

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New Color Tuesday – It’s All About the Green Pt 3

I know, I know, I’m late.  But it’s a big day in our house – my youngest son just started in a new career today.  That’s exciting, but the most exciting thing for me is that I got all day to clay again after 2-1/2 months.  YAY!!  So forgive me for not being able to

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New Color Tuesday! It’s All About Green Pt 2

Okay, it’s one of those days.  I’ve sat down at least 4 times to write this, only to have another mini-crisis do deal with.  The garbage disposal got jammed, the contractor has 18 thousand questions for me, people emailing, texting, messaging me all need an answer quickly. Sigh… It’s okay though, because I’m writing about

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New Color Tuesday- It’s All About Green

Happy New Year to you all- A new year means new subfolders in most of my files which always feel like a fresh start, a blank canvas.  I file my NCT color palettes by year and month as well as my notorious photographs around my home and beach (the 3×3 collection as well as the

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New Color Tuesday- A Look Back Pt 4

The final NCT of 2016!  And I’m typing on a new keyboard that my kids got me that is backlit, so I can see it (I suspect that I could have seen my old keys had I actually cleaned the keyboard). I’m going to finish with what was my most surprising mix of the year

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New Color Tuesday – A Look Back Pt 3

Well, we have had two days of Winter here in SoCal, but it’s back to sunny and 60s at least.  I asked my son how he could wear shorts when it was so chilly the other day, he looked down and said, “But these are my Winter shorts mom!” I’m personally happy that I spent

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Genéve 26-27.11.2016 Jana Honnerová

Course in Geneva was my first ever overseas, so I gave him a lot not only enjoyed, but also preparing for a long time. Fortunately, I am often home alone, so that my English monologue nobody laugh. Workshop in Geneva was my very first foreign workshop, so I was not only looking forward to it, but I

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New Color Tuesday- A Look Back Pt 2

Okay, this was one of the most surprising color mixes I’ve ever done.  The first three mixes are quite predictable and lovely, but that last mix – who would even THINK that Periwinkle and Ecru would mix to make a grey?  And a lovely grey at that! But that’s one of the best parts of

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New Color Tuesday! A Look Back

I always love December because I can take a look back through the  NCT color mix page ( and find tons of favorite mixes that I’ve forgotten about. I’m starting this month off with two of my most favorite mixes.  I’ve used these mixes multiple times in the last couple of months – in fact

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I’d Melt For You Snowman Ornament

Wintertime is such a fun time for creating things that can be used seasonally and for the holidays.  This ornament is great for both.  I know that I love snowmen and the whole idea of them.  I love that they are practically magically and that the water that creates the snow cycles through and can

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New Color Tuesday – A Little Sunshine in My Life Pt 5

Yeah, I know, it’s the nighttime version of NCT.  Literally every time I sat down to write this blog today, I got pulled away.  I thought it would be interesting this week to show you some of the colors that I’ve mixed this month together in a single palette. Lets start with the 1:1 mixes

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New Color Tuesday – A Little Sunshine In My Life Pt 4

I knew I would get some amazing colors out of this mix!  I can’t even pick one as a favorite.  Again, I’m amazed at how well Sunshine holds up mixed with a denser looking color. I’m thinking that a necklace of beads made from these mixes and maybe a 3T/1S and a 5T/1S would be

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New Color Tuesday – A Little Sunshine in My Life Pt 3

Ahh, the greens of my youth!  I’m quite sure that we had a refrigerator, a curtain, a table or something out of each of these colors.  And you know what?  I still love these colors. In fact, I think a couple of my bedroom walls are that 2SO/1S color right now! I love greens and

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Taking Our Cues From Nature by Gretchen Amberg

Inspiration can be found all around us if we take a moment to really look.  I’ve always had a fascination with the tiny little details found in nature.  Well before I got into polymer clay I enjoyed taking close-up photos of all manner of plant life. As I’ve worked with clay I’ve gone back to

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New Color Tuesday- A Little Sunshine in My Life Pt 2

Oh, I love a good peachy red!  And premo! Sunshine and Fuchsia mixes came through for me!  As a matter of fact, I’m looking at the walls in my office and they appear to be VERY close to the 2S/1F mix!  If I had to really get solid with it, I’d guess 3S/1F would be

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An Intimate Gathering by Gretchen Amberg

Well, another annual Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guild retreat has come and gone and like most things I look forward to it seems to take forever to get here and is over way too soon.  This year we had a few less folks than in the past which made for a more intimate gathering of

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New Color Tuesday – A Little Sunshine in My Life

OK, yeah, I live in Southern California, so I have a LOT of sunshine in my life, but THIS is about premo! Sunshine.. I mixed Sunshine with premo! Accents Purple Pearl last month and was a little surprised at the colors that developed (man, I still love that 4S/1PP mix).  So I decided to continue to

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Kids in the Studio by Miranda Farrand

I’ve heard it said that having “kids in the kitchen”, is an important tool in teaching children the art of cooking and how to nourish their bodies. Well, in my humble opinion, it’s just as valuable and important to teach them to feed their souls in the art room, studio, craft room, etc. Having an

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New Color Tuesday – Late Night Purples Pt 4

I know right?  What color doesn’t look good mixed with the premo! Accents Glitter Golds?  I decided to see what the premo! Accents Purple Pearl would do.  As always, I’m fascinated in the subtle difference between the White Glitter Gold  and the Yellow Glitter Gold.  Even though I feel like the Purple Pearl has a

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