Design by syndee holt

Okay, so I thought I would “break” the new premo! Accents Glitter Golds by attempting to transfer to a sheet of these clays.  I figured that there was SO much glitter in it that the transfer either would not be able to grab or would be broken up by all the sparkly goodies in the clay surface.  WRONG!  A wonderful surprise – not only did the clay surface accept the transfer like a champ, but the glitters just erupt in sparkles once it’s baked.  Add a little alcohol pen color and it’s just magic…

NOTE: I use a toner based b/w transfer.  I used to go to my local Kinkos to use their toner-based copiers, but I now own a Brother HL-2360DW b/w printer (about $100).  I use HP Bright White Inkjet Paper.  If you are using a printer/copier for the first time, don’t run a million prints before you test the transfer! I recommend staying away from recycled papers, they can have a thin sheet of plastic sandwiched between the paper fiber layers that prevent the transfer.

NOTE: I create my own transfers.  I either convert a photograph to a line drawing (tons of apps for that now) or in this case, I used a kaleidoscope app call Kaleidoo (Android) to create the images and then collaged them together in Photoshop.  My artwork is included in this tutorial for you! If you are creating a transfer of a person or lettering, you will need to reverse the transfer horizontally so that it will transfer and look the same as the print.

ANOTHER NOTE: Chameleon Pens colors I used:  Seville Orange, Warm Sunset, Spring Meadow, Grass Green, Aqua Marine, Royal Blue, Purple Grape

FINAL NOTE: I’ve used both the Yellow Gold Glitter and the White Gold Glitter in this tutorial to show you both of my favorites.  Once the piece is colored, it’s almost impossible to tell which is which.  The blue pen colors are a little more greenish on the Yellow Gold.