Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine

Whether you’re creating a simple project or a complicated masterpiece, the Clay Conditioning Machine will help make the creating process easier. Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets or various thickness to use with cutters or for caning, creating color blends or adding texture. The Clay Conditioning Machine is loaded with features: 9 different thickness settings, non-skid feet and c-clamp. New and improved clay conditioning machine! Corrosion resistant stainless steel rollers No plating on the rollers like other machines on the market Smoother Rolling of clay High quality keyed gearing system for a more durable machine Thickness levels for the Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine: Setting inches mm 1 0.075 1.91 2 0.066 1.68 3 0.055 1.40 4 0.048 1.22 5 0.036 0.91 6 0.028 0.71 7 0.02 0.51 8 0.016 0.41 9 0.012 0.30

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